12 strand dna activation

12 Strand DNA Activation

Were you aware that the original human prototype contained 12 working strands of DNA?  It is believed that at some crucial point in our development,  10 of those magnetic strands were deactivated and we were left with only 2 – the double helix that our scientists currently see, along with what they call ‘junk DNA’ (the other 10 strands).

Keep this fact in mind:  our world was originally created on a base of 12 (signs of the zodiac, Jesus disciples, months in a year, inches in a foot – or a box of doughnuts.)

It is recorded in ancient records, and remembered by seers, that we had achieved great civilizations prior to this current one.  At the time of Atlantis our 12 strands were working and our technology and spirituality were extremely highly advanced.  Unfortunately, as is often the case with civilizations, our technology got ahead of our humanity and common sense. This often results in the destruction of a society since they have the capabilities to blow themselves up, and they aren’t smart enough not to.  Children shouldn’t play with matches.  Societies shouldn’t have nuclear capabilities until they are spiritually mature.

So the greed, desire for power and domination won out and caused the downfall of Atlantis.  After that, as another new world was coming into being, another crucial moment arrived.   The potential for self-destruction loomed large again, and a decision was made by the creator:  “Let’s take away the car keys (the remaining 10 strands) until the children have grown up and can handle the responsibility.”

Therefore – the deactivation of 10 magnetic strands of DNA, leaving us with 2.  The hope was that by the time we could once again split the atom we would be spiritually mature enough to understand the ramifications of that action. Hopefully we would care enough about our fellow man so that we would be extremely careful with the power we created. That would be the time we would be ready for 12 strand dna activation.

In spite of appearances, all signs point to the success of this plan.   Although the world still looks bad in many places, there is enough spiritual maturity here now to keep it all together.  We are now due for, or in the process of, having some more DNA strands activated.  This results in closer connection to God Source, increase in psychic abilities, and greater love, compassion and selflessness.

We will continue to advance technically, but hopefully we will now also stay one step ahead with our spirituality to always keep everyone safe.  Life will be more joyous as your 12 strand dna activation takes place – and it’s happening NOW.

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