2012 – Again

January 25, 2011 –
2012 – Again –

Lately I’ve been hearing a few people make remarks about 2012 that lead me to believe there are still many misconceptions out there about what will happen around that date.  That date is a marker – – – in the future people may look back and see that humanity took a giant step in another direction around that date.

As we look back in history we had an ice age, a stone age, an iron age, the dark ages, and most recently the information age.  The information age will continue to intensify for the next two years and during those years you may learn about the people behind the scenes who have been manipulating money, technology and natural resources to serve their own agendas.  You may learn how deceptive some of the world leaders have been and how things to make your life healthier and easier have been kept from you.  Once all that information is available and people have paid attention to it, we will be catupulted into the next age. 

It has been termed the age of enlightenment – or the time when we come into our own and know our own worth – or we could call it the age of forgiveness.  Once we learn the depth to which we have been manipulated, used and abused, we will need to forgive, or the age of enlightenment will never be.

Enlightened beings understand that people who took our power did so with our approval, even though we were mostly unaware that we were giving it.  Enlightened beings know how to find their own inner strength and take their power back.  Enlightened beings understand the concept of unity and know that all our brothers and sisters must be built up if we are to rise up.  Enlightened beings know they came to this planet to experience polarity – the differences between dark and light and love and fear. 

If you are strong enough to face the truth without going back to fear and anger, then welcome to the new day.  If you can acknowledge that every other soul on this planet came from the same God source as yourself and is in truth your brother or sister, then enjoy this new age.  If you can accept the negative beings in your life as your greatest teachers, then you have learned your lessons well.  If you can look within and discover your true nature as being one of love and power and truth, then for you 2012 will be a time of joy.  And so it is.

Many blessings, Elaine

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