2012 – Almost Here

December 27, 2011 –
2012 – Almost Here –

Well, it’s almost here – the long awaited year of 2012.  Expect to see strengthening of both the light and dark in the world.  Negative energy is on its way out, but it is not going quietly.  The establishment that has always benefited from upsetting you will try harder in 2012.  Don’t let them do it.  There is nothing to be afraid of.  People who complain will complain more loudly in 2012.  Don’t buy into their drama.  People who have nothing but problems may see those problems grow.   You can  look at problems as opportunities for change.

People who used to hide their emotions may show  you they care about you.  Celebrate those moments.  People who always wanted to try something new may find their courage to begin.  Surround them with support and enthusiasm.  This year it will be very clear that there are 2 sides to every issue.  It may also be very clear, if you take the time to look, that one of those sides is more about fear and one of those sides is more about love.

2012 is almost here.  To make it count, may you always choose love.

Blessings, Elaine


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