3 Minutes

April 26, 2011 –
3 Minutes –

Most people I know have developed some kind of spiritual practice.  It could be prayer,  meditation, spending time in nature, or doing yoga or some other form of movement.  Many of us spend an incredible amount of time telling God and the Universe what we desire, what we feel we need, what our challenges are, and asking for help in some form.  We also spend a lot of time turning things over, working on building our trust and keeping ourselves calm and centered by breathing or focusing.  We may also have a running gratitude list and we go over it repeatedly.  That’s wonderful.

 With all that effort flowing forth from us, don’t you think an equal amount of energy should be flowing in?  The universe always seeks balance.   How often, though, do we wonder”  “Where are all these things I have worked for, and asked for, and sought after?”

Today I want to offer one possible reason for not receiving to the same degree that we ask and give out:  We don’t take the time.

If this is your experience then here’s a great way to start to turn this around.  Dedicate about 3 minutes each morning to sitting still in a quiet place with your eyes closed,  feet flat on the floor and your hands open in your lap facing upward to receive.  And then JUST DO IT.  Tell God “I am ready to receive” and sit in the stillness while you are flooded with Divine Grace.  If you need to give your mind something to do then create a mantra something like:  I am receiving now.  Thank you.  I am being filled with every breath.  Thank you.”

Can you spare 3 minutes for something this life affirming and life changing?    I have to admit to doing this for a while and then getting ‘busy’ with other things.  As of today my priorities are getting reevaluated and I am doing what actual matters.  Just thought I’d share that with you.

Blessings, Elaine

One thought on “3 Minutes

  1. Dear Elaine,

    I just wanted to thank you for all of your posting. I believe that you are a angel here on this earth.

    Thank you again,

    Cindy McCormick

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