5th dimensional earth

5th Dimensional Earth


Can you believe it?  It is already August 7th and we’re being deluged with back-to-school ads.  You may not see evidence that our world is going through the most monumental shift ever – although it is.  You may not be aware that every day you are getting hit with celestial energy that is changing your DNA – although that’s exactly what’s happening.  You may not believe that in a few months from now our planet will be in a completely different vibration – but it will be.  You may find it hard to imagine a world with no wars – or hate – or cheating – even though that’s what’s coming.

But – you may be aware that time is changing and things are happening faster.  You may be aware that you are changing.  You may be aware that the world is filled with more love than ever, or more anxiety than ever, depending upon which street you happen to drive down.   You may realize that you are tired of doing a lot of things that you have always done, and you may be bored with the same old activities.  You may find yourself being attracted to different groups of people.  You may find yourself wanting to be alone and not wanting to do anything at all.

We are going through a lot of cellular, mental, emotional and spiritual changes.  Our 3d selves cannot live in the new 5th dimensional earth that is forming right around us.  We need to change to stay with Mother Earth.  The only thing that makes change hard is resistance.  If you can go with the flow, with hopeful expectations, you can have an easy transition.  For you, the future can be glorious beyond imagination.

Not everyone will choose ease and comfort.  Some people will hang on to the bitter end to their prejudices and their beliefs and their false values.  Their 3d selves will clash with the 5d energies and they will feel as though they are hitting a brick wall, which energetically they will be.

During this time of transition to 5th dimensional earth, if you happen to be around someone who is having a very hard time, it would be lovely if you could find a way to help them – to explain to them that these changes are normal evolutionary ones, not to be resisted, but to be embraced.  If they choose not to listen to you, though, that is their right.  It is appropriate to let them be.

Just by shining your own light – by letting your own love and kindness show – you are helping immensely in the uplifting.  Keep up the good work.

Blessed Be, Elaine

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