A Different Vantage Point

June 21, 2011 –
A Different Vantage Point

Let’s imagine you have a neighbor that is rather careless with his yard and his appearance and he doesn’t seem too well educated.  His presence annoys you and yet the young children on the block seem to adore him.  His yard is filled with spare parts and tools, and he is never too tired to help them fix something.   Many of these children are immigrants and from other races and he seems to welcome them all unconditionally.   By the Grace of God we were able one day to glimpse his soul chart.  He has had many lives on this earth and learned most lessons well.  The only lesson left to overcome was prejudice.  By watching his joy as he helps one of the young ones from a far away land we know he has successed in this lifetime beyond measure.  He is a Master and is complete.  Who would have thought that from just living next door to him?

Let’s pretend there is a woman across the street who drives a fancy car, buys her kids lavish gifts and never misses a chance to go to the spa.  It’s easy to judge her as superficial and self-centered.    By the Grace of God we were able one day to glimps her soul chart.  During lives of deprivation she has learned gratitude.  In lives of pain she has kept her faith.  Her children often went without and they all knew what hunger meant.  She overcame all self-pity, bitterness, anger and sorrow and became love.   She has learned her lessons well and in this last lifetime in the third dimension she has been allowed to experience possessions and opportunities and comfort beyond measure.  She is a Master and is complete.  Who would have thought that just from living across the street from her?

What do people see when they look at you?  Is that the reality of who you are?  Do you know what lessons you came to master in this lifetime?  They are undoubtedly the things that caused you trouble in the past, or still cause you trouble today.  We can’t really know which of our neighbors are beginning their soul journey and which are close to completion.  We can only look within and find those answers for ourself.  For those nearing completion, there is probably an awareness of what yet needs to be done.  The opportunity awaiting us in early 2013 is beyond compare.  If we can face our deepest darknesses and bring them into the light, we will finally be able to step off the karmic wheel.  We will no longer have to reincarnate to finish what was undone.  We can do it here.  We can do it now.  All we need is to view things from a different vantage point.

Blessings, Elaine

One thought on “A Different Vantage Point

  1. Hi Elaine,

    You have such wisdom and insight, I just love to read all of your writing.
    Thankful heart.
    Cindy M.

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