meditation for spring 2015

A Meditation For Spring 2015

For most of us who live in the Northeast United States, and many other parts of our country, and many other parts of our world – we are sick of winter.  We’re tired of cold.  We’re exhausted at having to go out and fight the elements every day.  We are weary, and depressed and just plain over it.  Give us warmth.  Give us Spring. Give us relief.  God, please, we are suffering down here.

Can you relate to any of the above?  I sure can.  And with my knowledge of energy and the Law of Attraction, I know beyond a shadow of doubt that all those things I am putting out – sick, tired, exhausted, fight, weary, depressed, done, needy – are just not good for me.

A change in inner attitude, always changes my outer world, but not overnight.  At least it’s a place to start.  At least I can make myself feel better in the moment, and if I can put enough of those good moments together, my attitude may change.  If enough people experience a change in attitude, then we may finally see real changes in the outer, but that doesn’t help today, does it?  And today is all we have to work with.  In fact this particular moment is the only creative moment that really counts.  And then the next one – and the next – and so on.

So what can we do in this moment in time to help ourselves and make ourselves feel better?  Why not try this meditation for spring 2015:

Take a few minutes to find a comfortable solitary place to be and close your eyes.  Pull your attention inward and focus only on your own breathing.  You may be able to relax and concentrate on slow even soft breathing right away.  It may take you a few minutes.  Do what is right for you, but know that as you relax and focus on your breath and focus on words like calm and peace, you will eventually be calm and centered.   Or at least calmer and more centered that when you began this exercise.

Then when you are ready, start to imagine a warm sunny day.  You may be sitting in your living room with a lovely warm spring breeze blowing in through an open window.  You may be sitting on your porch in the warm sunshine.  Put yourself somewhere close by and really familiar.  And then just feel warm, and sunny and content and so happy that spring has finally arrived.  Now you can finally do all the things you want to do.  Now you have energy again.  Now you have hope again.

Sit there as long as you can feel warm and comfortable and secure, and having made it.

Then when you have the opportunity, do it again –  and again – and again – and again.  Put as many warm meditative moments into your day as you can manage.  They will add up, and it will happen.  There will come a time when you are doing this in the physical world, but you don’t have to wait for that.  Create it today in your inner real world.  Get a few minutes of relief.  You deserve them.


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