A Positive Force For Good

A Positive Force For Good

Are you already a positive force for good in this world? Would you like to be? Do you know what it takes?

First and foremost it takes desire. As some say, ‘you gotta wanna’. Not everybody does. Some people are in survival mode and all they really hope to do is just get by. Some people came with a specific goal and if the goal is met they are satisfied. Some people came to this life as observers. They report back to the higher realms on the state of the planet. Some came as scientists to explore and create solutions to certain problems.

But then there are those that really want to help themselves and all mankind. They want to bring love and healing to every situation. They want to bring positive attributes of love and appreciation and abundance and clarity and compassion and kindness and gratitude and healing. Is that you? I know it’s me.

I took a major step in that direction decades ago when I became a Reiki Healer, and then later on a Reiki Master and Teacher. Once you are Reiki attuned your innate abilities to touch someone or something with positive energy is amplified in amazing ways. The only thing remaining after your attunement is to use the gift you have been given.

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Blessings, Elaine

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