A Purposeful Life

A Purposeful Life

If someone asked you what the purpose of your life is, would you have an answer? Do you know why you came to this Planet with only one sun, that has been under quaranteen for eons of time?

Most of us came to learn something – or to explore something – or to overcome something – or to fix something – or to contribute something.

Quite often, it’s all of the above. I have spent a lifetime exploring that question for myself, and have come up with some pretty good answers, but how about you?

What did you come here to learn?
Are you learning it?

Have you always had the desire to find out about something?
Are you exploring it?

Did you have a challenge to overcome?
Are you overcoming it?

Is there something in your life that needs fixing?
Are you fixing it?

Do you know what you have to contribute?
Are you giving it?

In addition to learning, exploring, overcoming, fixing, and contributing, we also came to remember who we are. Are you remembering? Power and ability have always been within, but sometimes we need the help of others to awaken to our own truth.

Many blessings,

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