A Spiritual View on Nutrition

A Spiritual View on Nutrition

A Spiritual View on Nutrition

Eating correctly is pretty important.  I don’t think the subject came up much in school – or even properly in church.  Oh sure, you may have had a nutrition class, and been taught to eat slowly and chew each mouthful.  Then some of you learned to say a table prayer thanking God for your food.  That’s all good, although pretty insufficient.

Most people know they should be choosing foods that were grown without toxic chemicals because everything that goes into the plant, ultimately goes into you. There is quite a large interest in organics and healthy eating, and that’s a good thing.  People are becoming aware that animals that have been fed growth hormones contribute to a host of problems of all kinds and that genetically modified crops have been treated with all kinds of terrible poisons.

But how much thought do you put into the fact that everything carries the energetic signature of where it has been and what it has been through?

Consider meat for a minute.  Did you know that your meat carries all the vibrational energies of fear and pain of all the animals who were raised in sub-standard and unloving environments?  Your food carries the energies of everyone who ever touched it.  Unless you are fortunate enough to be able to eat produce given by happy chickens and cows, there is an overwhelming chance that your milk and eggs and meat carries sadness and hopelessness.  You are probably feeding yourself a steady diet of those things everyday. Then we wonder, as a society, why we are so messed up.

We have the answers and they start with the ethical  – and loving – care of the animals who give their lives in service to mankind in this way. That, however, rests with the growers and farmers and at the moment very few of them are aware of the fact that every living thing carries energy throughout its life, and then into its afterlife, and some is left in its physical remains after it dies.

You have the very real ability, though, to make a difference in every single thing that comes to your table.  When God taught people to bless their food it was not just a lovely formality.  It was an energetic transformation.  You took something and sent the energies of awareness, appreciation, love and thankfulness into it – and you negated the negative energy it previously held.  You filled it with new vibrations, and then when you ate it, those new vibrations became a very real part of you.  That’s truth.

Giving sincere thanks for the lives that were given so that we could eat, and sending love and appreciation to offset and transmute the fear and pain is going to become not just nice, but essential to humans moving forward into a higher vibrational way of living.  We can’t rise up and vibrate higher, while constantly consuming things that are vibrating at a low rate.  Fear and pain are about as low as one can get.  Love and compassion and thankfulness are as high as we can go.

If you want to throw in a few prayers of forgiveness and enlightenment for the people who are doing all this damage in raising damaged animals for consumption – and you also send intentions to your body to use what you put into it for your highest and best good – then you really have something wonderful going on.

Every single mouthful you eat is worthy of your attention to clear and transmute it, your thanks to the animal and everyone who worked to bring it to you starting with Source, and your intention that it serve you and provide you with all the nutrition you need to maintain a healthy body.

Sadly, most people won’t care about any of this the next time they stop and grab a hot dog or burger and eat it while they are having a conversation about something else.  But if you really want to change what you eat, and how you eat, and the benefits you get, you can do it.  It will take desire to get started.  It will take diligence to keep on going. The results, however, can be incredible and will show not only in your new healthy body, but when everyone does it, it will show up in our new healthy and humane world.

Many Blessings,

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