A TIme Of Changing

November 4, 2014 –
A Time of Changing –

Today is election day – we will be changing our leadership – hopefully for the better.

This is also the season when we make a lot of personal changes. Many people are immersed in fall cleaning. They are throwing things out, making room, trying to find places to store the summer stuff and bring out the holiday decorations.

We have always been advised that we should only keep things that we love or that serve us. That is good advice, but sometimes we are not really sure. So today, as you go through your days and your homes and your to do lists, there is one interesting question you might choose to ask yourself in regard to each of the possessions in your care and keeping. And that is, “What is your purpose for being here”? You may discover that some things have no purpose whatsoever, and just take up space and energy. You may discover an emotional attachment you didn’t even realize existed.

As you ask that question you also make an energetic connection with those things you own. You may find a new appreciation for your plants, or your notebooks or your winter boots – or you may find that something doesn’t resonate with you at all, and deserves placement somewhere else.

Holding the objects of your life and honoring each of them can be sacred ceremony and can enhance your life tremendously.
Have fun cleaning – and hope to see you soon.

Blessings, Elaine


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