A Very Literal Universe

A Very Literal Universe –

There is a cute ad on TV for an insurance company where a magic genie grants a man one wish. The man wishes for a million bucks, and that is exactly what he gets – a million male deer. It’s funny, but also very, very true when viewed through a spiritual lens. The universe answers us exactly and literally in direct response to what we ask for. If we aren’t thoughtful we can easily ask for something that we don’t really want. Do you ever say one thing, but actually mean something else?

Two weeks ago on November 11, we went through an energetic portal that has really amped-up our manifestation skills. There is a much shorter time now between cause and effect, or action and reaction. We don’t have much time to change our minds anymore.

This is the week that many people will be focused on their blessings and the things they are thankful for. It may take the form of physical blessings – food and shelter and the like. It may take the form of relationships where we are thankful for the people in our lives. It may take the form of attributes where we are thankful for our ability to see with clarity or act with generosity.

Whatever you are grateful for this week, try to expand it to include a feeling. If the house makes you safe and secure, be aware of that. If the people inspire you to be loving, think about that. If the attributes give you opportunities to serve, remember how blessed you are.

Thinking of the feelings, and not just the things, puts us easily in a place where we can manifest with security and create with confidence. The man in the ad probably wanted a million bucks so that he could be happy and do many wonderful things. If he had just asked for the happiness and opportunities,  he might have had a better outcome and not so many extra mouths to feed. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Namaste, Elaine

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