A Very Special Day

May 1, 2012 – A Very Special Day –

The Occupy Movement has not gone away.  During the winter months they became stronger, more organized, and very deliberate in their goal setting.  They are, in effect, modeling some aspects of our future society.  There is no specific leader, although there are many who are willing to step up and lead.  They have a multitude of people willing to serve and they will serve in any capacity that is needed.   They are not one organization.  They are a network of individual localized efforts.

On this day in Central Park in New York – and Buffalo, and Chicago, and Los Angeles, and countless other cities and towns across the country, they are rallying and gathering and speaking out against unfairness and illegal activities in their particular areas.  They are peaceful, but they are determined to bring the truth to light, and they are committed to seeing change happen.

If you support truth and light and love and peace and fairness and justice, then try in some small way to support them today.  Think about them.  Send them good thoughts.  Put off any 3d activities that would support the status quo today if you can.  If you have a choice between going to the mall or going to the park, choose the park.  Could you get gas, pay the bills or make that appointment tomorrow instead of today?   Could you spend a little time with your children and your pets and just play?  Could you call that person that you have been meaning to get in touch with just to say hello?

Today is a very special day and you can be a part of it.  Do something.  Do anything.  Take a few minutes to think about someone you love.  And then take a few minutes to think about yourself, and all the wonderful things you have done in your life.  Think about all the things you have overcome.  Think about all the times you showed courage.  Think about all the times you were kind.  Take a minute and send love to yourself for surviving this life.  It has not been an easy one.  Think about how wonderful you will feel when the karmic wheels are balanced and blessings start to flow to you.  Today is May 1 – the first day of a new cycle for humanity.  Feel the love.

And then in 4 days from now we will be celebrating World Liberation Day – mass worldwide meditation is set for the exact moment of the full moon.  Here in Buffalo New York that would be 11:30pm on Saturday May 5th.  During that magical time there will be millions picturing a peaceful changeover to a fair, just and loving world.  Please be a part of that too.

Blessings, Elaine

There is a page on my website entitled ‘ascension updates’.   If you have never read it, it will give you a pretty good overview of our history.   Scroll down to the bottom and start there if you have never visited that page before.  As events happen I will be posting to that page – daily if necessary, to keep you informed.


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