abundance affirmations

Abundance Affirmations

Abundance Affirmations

There is a beautiful candle on my desk – it smells amazing.  I realized this morning that my home is filled with an abundance of beautiful scents in countless bottles and jars and containers of all kinds.  The candle is wonderful to hold, and lovely to look at.  It made me aware of all the amazing textures and sights my world is filled with.  There is a stack of cd’s close to me – all music that I love.  Like you, I have constant access to the internet where I can call up anything beautiful that I want to look at or listen to.  I personally have an abundance of books and inspirational material, and music and musical instruments, and products of every kind to care for my body and my home, and lovely pictures and objects of art.

There is an overwhelming abundance of beautiful sights and sounds and smells and tastes and textures that fill my world.

I see people every day – wonderful people that I work with and live with and play with and interact with.  This world is filled with an abundance of wonderful people. The people I know are smart and creative and innovative.  There is an abundance of ideas and intentions out there.

Since the Galactic Alignment of December 21, 2012, we have an abundance of energetic particles streaming to us continually from Galactic Center.  We have more than we can ever contain – more that we can ever use. There are abundance affirmations everywhere around you!

This is how I am utilizing that new found abundance:

I start my day with solitude, awareness, realization and intention.  I stand and face the East and call in the Divine Particles of life to fill every chakra, every body system – every part of me.

I bring in this energy until I feel filled to overflowing, and then I send the over-abundance out with laser light precision to the place in my life where I want to experience the most growth.

There is still more than I can ever use, and so I direct that abundance into the world, to wherever it is needed.

The only way to see more abundance in your life, is to look at that which is already here.  The only way to manifest more abundance in your life is to feel abundant right now.

Abundance attracts abundance.  It always has, but now in the new energy, more than ever.  Be it, and you will become it.

Blessed Be, Elaine

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