Am I A Light Worker

Am I a Light Worker?

Have you asked yourself “Am I A Light Worker?”

You are a LIGHT-worker if you try to stay in the light and love of God and spread that light and love wherever you go.  You are called a Light-WORKER because quite frankly it’s a lot of work to stay positive and hopeful when the world seems to be negative and fearful.

Because of their attitudes and beliefs, most Light-workers have tools at their disposal. These are tools of manifestation, and creation and transformation.  Some days those tools work great and some days those tools are out of reach?  How come?

Quite possibly it is because Light-workers not only have tools at their disposal, but they are equally committed to helping all of humanity reach the tools too.  Humanity doesn’t stay in one place.  Humanity expands and contracts, just like your breath.  When humanity is expanding outward you can reach your tools.  When humanity is contracting you can’t.

The only way you could reach your tools all the time is to disconnect from the mass consciousness of humanity, and usually that results in leaving the Planet altogether.  Therefore, if you are still here, and still want to stay and help, your tools sometimes seem out of reach.

Today’s message is just one of hope for all you Light-workers out there.  Humanity is moving in the direction of the tools.  Every breath is taking them closer.  Keep the faith – keep up the good work – and thanks for staying.

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