The Amazing Power Of Your Thoughts

The Amazing Power Of Your Thoughts

The Amazing Power Of Your Thoughts

This subject has been shown to me in at least a half dozen ways this past week – an indication that perhaps I should be writing about it again.  Our bodies respond to every thought we think.  If the thought is neutral we might stay there for a little while maintaining the status quo.  If the thoughts are filled with anxiety and worries about anything at all, our bodies react badly.  Over time those thoughts can actually manifest as real physical illnesses.

When we do find ourselves in a sad or mad place, we might eventually pray for help.  We might ask God and His angels to send healing, peace, joy, clarity, or whatever it is we feel that we need so badly.  In that moment of prayer something wonderful happens.  You change your thoughts.  In a manner of speaking you open doors that had been closed.  The healing, peace, joy, clarity, or whatever it was you were praying for is always showering down upon you constantly in a never ending stream, but you may have the door closed.  In changing your thoughts, and elevating them to the level of prayer, you open the doors.

The power rests with you.  It has always rested with you.  Your thoughts don’t control you until you allow them to.  I hope you will claim your power over your thoughts right now.  That doesn’t mean you will never be anxious or angry again – after all you are human. But over and above the negative thoughts, I hope you can hold the truth of what positive thoughts can do for you.  They can bring you up and open the door so that all the blessings you want can find you again.

Blessed Be.


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