Anchoring The Light Through Loving Your Life

Anchoring The Light Through Loving Your Life

It’s been a tough winter.  For folks all around the world there have been unprecedented weather conditions that have caused a lot of stress.  Whether it’s physical, emotional, mental, financial or spiritual,  just about everyone I know has been challenged to their limits, and sometimes what felt like beyond their limits.

But the last couple of weeks seems to have brought a reprieve.  Here in the Northeast United States we are finally having some beautiful weather, and people are responding in wonderful ways.  I am seeing a sense of purpose like never before – and the purpose is to enjoy.  I am seeing a gratitude for today, and in being grateful and enjoying the moment, wonderful things are being set into motion.

Many people, at one time or another in their lives, feel like they don’t fit in.  They may question why they are here, why life has to be such a struggle, and why ‘everyone else’ seems to be making it while they have it so hard.  That is an illusion of course.  I think Kryon said it best:  “We all take turns with the hard stuff”.  But when it happens to you.  When it’s your turn for the ‘hard stuff’ it can feel very lonely.  And when your ‘hard stuff’ is mostly emotional and internal, your may not be getting the kind of support that someone whose ‘hard stuff’ is more visible is getting.

Please know that wherever you are in this life journey, and whatever is going on in your life right now, you do belong, you do fit in, and you do have a very important and wonderful purpose – and that is to anchor light on earth.  Your purpose is to send out high energy vibrations, the kind that can literally change the world.  Some of the highest and most powerful vibrations that do the most good are enjoyment, and laughter, and smiling and being happy and being grateful.

It doesn’t matter if your smile and your happiness and your enjoyment just come from a beautiful breeze coming through an open window, or getting out to get your favorite cup of coffee, or seeing something funny happening somewhere.  This Spring is bringing us those kinds of opportunities.  People are being happy for the small blessings in their everyday lives, and in that enjoyment and that happiness they are sending out vibrations that literally connect them to their worldwide family and serve their purpose here on earth.

I have met with a few friends lately, and whereas we often talk a lot about serious and important subjects that we are studying or teaching or practicing,  I am sensing a shift.  We are still committed to the studying and teaching, but we seem to have an even greater sense of purpose right now.  That is to enjoy.  That is to take each and every moment of our lives and try to have fun with it.  It’s a noble and worthy goal.  We’re not always successful, but we are focused and committed and we have fun whenever we can with whatever we can.

I hope you have discovered this in your life – that it is usually the small and simple things that can make your heart sing.  And when your heart is happy you are an amazing healer sending out wonderful vibrational energy to anyone and everyone who needs it, including yourself.   I hope you can find something to enjoy, and create some fun for yourself today.  Please give it a try.

Many blessings,

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