angels in our life

Angels in Our Life

Help Is Here

The angels in our life certainly have their hands – or wings – full, when it comes to our care and tutoring.  Imagine trying to direct a world full of unpredictable free will beings?  It must be sort of like trying to bring order to a room full of puppies.  Sometimes you just have to wait until the puppies grow up a little bit, stop biting each other, and get hungry before they pay attention.  They probably need to be contained to a certain degree so that they don’t get into trouble and hurt themselves.

I know I’m growing.  I’m definitely done biting.  I’m absolutely hungry – for information, direction, wisdom, and whatever it takes to help me achieve in this lifetime.  Now when I see that the door to the kennel is open, I don’t run wild and tear the house up.  I have learned some of the rules of courtesy and fair play, and respect for the place I live.  I’ve learned to respect  the other beings I live with.

Hopefully the angels in our life are finding their tasks easier and more enjoyable these days.

I intend to personally offer up my spirit of cooperation.  I hope that collectively we can decide to accept the help that is offered.  They have so much to teach.  There is so much that they can help us remember.  But it’s up to us to ask –   it’s up to us to listen  –  it’s up to us whether we choose to follow divine direction, or not.

Everything that is offered to us is given with the greatest love and respect for us and for our journey.

We came here to be of service to the earth.  Our angels have stayed behind to be of service to us.  It’s only now, at this point in my awakening, that I am starting to understand the depth of angels’ love and commitment.  The only response to that, for me, has to be heartfelt gratitude and a desire to comply, and to make their jobs easier.

Help is all around.  Look for it.  Ask for it.  Appreciate it.  Really appreciate it.  It will serve you well and put you in the flow where miracles appear.   Working with each other, and our divine guidance teams, we can turn our playground into a paradise.

Blessings, Elaine


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