Angels and Winged Ones

Angels and Winged Ones

Angels and Winged Ones –

There has been a long accepted belief that angels are real – guardian angels provide personal loving support – and they are God’s special messengers. All those things are true. It has also been a long accepted belief that due to human free will, angels were only allowed to influence your life after being invited in. It was thought that they could not interfere in a human’s life lessons unless there were significant mitigating circumstances.

As we grow in spiritual awareness and ascend in consciousness we also uncover new truths. Things are never exactly as they seem, or at least the truth becomes much more intricate as we progress upward. I offer you today the truth that exists on the level we have now achieved. It’s a beautiful and powerful thing.

A new relationship with your angelic guides is now possible. They have been freed from previous restraints and stand ready to work with you in a new way. Consider the attributes of those in physical form with wings:

For the most part they exist above, have a broad view of what’s below and often travel in flocks. They support one another.

They don’t fight the air currents – they use them and work with them. They have great speed in their flight.

They have rarely interacted with humanity. They come close, but maintain their separateness. If we do bring one into our lives we keep it in a cage or a pen. Think about that. Your relationship with your angelic guides may have been mirroring your relationship with winged ones in physical form – but things are changing!

YouTube can be a wonderful resource to see videos of people interacting with birds in a whole new personal and loving way. I have seen birds wrapping their wings around people and laying their heads on people’s shoulders in an expression of deep affection. This is a sign. The day has arrived for a new relationship with angels and winged ones.

If you choose to begin, you can try this: Sit in meditation and start by giving thanks that your guardians are now empowered to help you in new and wondrous ways. Thank them for their presence in your life, and send out the intention to utilize this working relationship for your greatest good. Make the decision to be a willing partner in the creation of the best life you can achieve with their collaboration. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what to do next. All you need to do is begin, and ask to be shown the next step.

I am in the process of reclaiming a relationship with my guardians that was not possible before this time. I invite you all to walk this same path in your lives. I assure you it leads to greater and more joyous things.

Blessed Be,

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