Another New Phase Of Spiritual Growth

Another New Phase Of Spiritual Growth

Another New Phase Of Spiritual Growth –

Have you ever felt pretty confident that you knew a lot about a certain subject, and some new piece of information surfaces, or something else happens, and you suddenly realize, “I don’t know anything at all about this – or not enough about this – or I thought I had this – evidently not”.

If you have had those moments, I offer you congratulations. Those moments signify that you have graduated once more. You graduated from the level where your knowledge and competence were rock solid, to a higher realm of experience where it feels like you are starting all over again. You are. Just like mastering middle school, and then suddenly finding yourself at the bottom of the pile in high school. You are entering another new phase of spiritual growth.

I remember back (a long time ago) being a new mom. Just when I had mastered the business of taking care of an infant, all of a sudden I was the mother of a toddler and the learning started all over again – and so it goes, on and on. In some areas of our lives we accept that readily, but in other areas we often forget the formula for growth.

If you are really, really good at something and all of a sudden feel like you know nothing about your subject matter at all, congratulations again. You have evolved to a higher level of understanding.
Keep your diploma from the last level nearby. It is something to be proud of. Let the joy of all the new opportunities fill you with patience for yourself while you learn and master, yet again.

Blessed Be,

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