Applying The Law of Attraction

Applying The Law of Attraction

Applying The Law of Attraction –

We all know we should wear our seat belts, wash our hands before eating,  take our vitamins, cut down on sugar and keep smiling. Does that mean we never have an accident, get sick, or are saddened by something?  Of course not.  We’re giving ourselves the best chance, in a rather dangerous world, to stay healthy, safe and happy.  Most people try to do those things in various degrees, and get all kinds of different outcomes.  Does that mean we stop trying?  We don’t.  We don’t chastise ourselves if we get the flu in spite of our best efforts.  We know we tried to do our part.

It’s the same with the Law of Attraction.  It’s real.  It works. The vibrations you send out magnetically attract compatible vibrations and bring them back to you, but it is not a magic bullet for a perfect life. There is a certain reality anchored on this planet at this time that is not going to change overnight. The vibrational space we live in fluctuates.  It does not support perfection.  It supports experimentation with energy.

If you work with the Law of Attraction you maintain an awareness that what you are thinking and feeling matters.  Joy magnetically finds more joy.  Anger finds more anger.  Negative thoughts vibrationally attract more negative thoughts.  Positive thoughts generate more positive thoughts.  It gives us a blueprint to work from and a reason to resolve our emotional difficulties as soon as we can.  It encourages us to focus a lot more on our gratitude list than our problem list.

Sadly, many people who accept the flu as part of life have a different belief system about the Law of Attraction  Some people, when distressed,  immediately also feel guilt for feeling distressed, not wanting to project that out into the world.  Some people get angry if they tried to manifest something wonderful, and problems come to them instead.  These are often very dedicated people who meditate and pray and try to do it right.

I am an energy healer – I work with healing energies and the Law of Attraction every day, and right now I am sick.  I did nothing wrong.  It took me a while to figure that out though.  There have been plenty of moments where I succumbed to guilt, thinking I could have done better.  Has that ever happened to you?  You feel guilty because you feel responsible for not putting out enough good energy?  Sometimes there are people in our lives that even reinforce that erroneous belief and almost blame you for bringing this on yourself.  If this is your experience, please don’t feel guilty one more minute.  Don’t accept guilt that someone else might try to put on you. The Angels have told me that guilt is only appropriate when harm was intended.

If, in spite of your best efforts, things are not going well, don’t blame yourself.  Don’t blame God.  He doesn’t send pain . He sends help in times of pain.  Why do bad things happen?  Some day perhaps we will have the answers, but for now we just need to accept that they do and keep trying to do our best.

Please congratulate yourself on the things you have been successful in bringing through.  Perhaps you’ve been able to manifest a little peace in the midst of crisis.  Good for you. Perhaps you’ve been able to send out some forgiveness, and you see the results in a less stressful life.  Congratulations.  Don’t ever stop believing in the Law of Attraction because you don’t see immediate results.  Don’t ever feel guilty when things don’t seem to be working out, in spite of your good efforts.  Life just is what it is sometimes.  May you be at peace with that.

Blessings to all,

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