are you a healer

Are You A Healer?

Are You A Healer?

At this time in earth’s history the planet is in dire need.  The call went out, and a lot of healers incarnated at this time to help.    Are you one of them?  You might not think that you have that much to contribute but consider this:  A major part of the healing work that the healers do is on themselves.  If you are one that has overcome something:    fear – —  self-worth issues —  jealousy — self-righteousness  —  betrayal — rejection —  anger —   judgement  —  whatever —  then you are a healer.   Job well done.  That may be all you came here for.  You have added your energy to the efforts of all other healers.

If you have healed something in yourself, and then had compassion for other souls who may be going through the same thing,  that is wonderful.   You are probably going above and beyond what was ever expected of you.

If your compassion for others has made you want to change the parameters – – –  in other words, you say to yourself:  ‘Oh, I hope no-one else has to suffer this way.  I hope my suffering can spare my children, or those I love.’   Job well done.  They are probably planning a party for you when you come home.

If you recognize that your overcoming can help all mankind – even those who have hurt others –  by allowing your solution and your personal healing to go into the matrix to become a pattern for all, then you probably don’t even care about the party.  You’re just glad that all the suffering you went through was worth it.

Are you a healer?  I bet you are.

For more on learning about your abilities as a healer, see my post entitled You are a healer.

Blessings, Elaine

One thought on “Are You A Healer?

  1. I love you Elaine, you are the best.

    Thank you for you.

    Cindy McCormick

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