are you having fun yet

Are You Having Fun Yet?

Are you Having Fun Yet?

Sometimes people feel that the fun – the joy – the good stuff – was parceled out to others and that there was nothing left over for them.  They may believe that they drew the short straw and somehow they are not as fortunate or as lucky as someone else.  They may feel that they weren’t as blessed as other souls.  This belief system can be a real trap.  If you are comparing your job or home or family or health or opportunities or attitude about life with someone else, and coming up short, then this message is for you.

Your life was not thrust upon you.  Your life was created by you.  Not some of it.  All of it.  You brought your challenges for a reason.  You brought your gifts to help you cope.   Your strengths are supposed to be used.  Your weaknesses are supposed to be overcome.  Your blessings are designed to inspire you to thankfulness.  Your sorrows are there to teach you something.  Your problems are not intended to consume you.  You are intended to master them.

Ever watch ‘Swamp People’?  It’s on the History Channel and is a reality show about alligator hunters in the southern swamps of our country.  One of my favorites is a guy named Troy.  He loves his life.  He works hard – really hard.  He puts in long hours and has a dangerous job to do.  He always has a smile on his face, is kind and patient and helpful.  If he has a day on his small boat where he hasn’t caught much, he just gets up and starts over again the next day with his usual hopefulness.  Troy doesn’t have a fancy house, or fancy clothes.   It doesn’t look like he has had too many opportunities for higher education or cultural pursuits.  He talks about having friends and family to share a life with, and plenty to eat and honest work to do.  I can hear him saying ‘It doesn’t get much better than that’.    You can tell by the look on his face that he means it.  He loves his life.  He is thankful for his life.  He’s happy.  He’s having fun.  He’s a success story if there ever was one.

How about you?  Do you love your life?  Are you having fun yet?  If not, do you realize that the only thing that needs to change is your attitude?  Yes, really.  Your life doesn’t have to change one bit.  If your attitude toward your life changed, you could be happy in this moment and forevermore.  Just something to think about.

Blessings, Elaine

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