are you part of the solution

Are You Part of the Solution?

We have recently experienced the Equinox – a time of balancing of energy.   We had equal amounts of daylight and darkness, and we welcomed the new Fall energies coming in to the planet.

The ironic thing about any energy uplifting is that when something is offered to us, like the chance to come into greater balance in our lives, we often seem to be experiencing just the opposite.  As usual I welcomed any energy upsurge with a certain degree of excitement.  And as usual on the day of balance I was reminded about all the things in my life that are out of balance.  That’s just the way teaching and learning go.  Those things don’t come into our awareness to discourage us.  They come to show us what we need to work on, and work out, to bring more balance and joy into our lives.

Yesterday was another huge day of energies streaming into our dimensional space.  It is no coincidence that world leaders have been gathering and important issues are right in front of people everyday now.  You can get a little overwhelmed if you focus too much on the news and you can get a lot overwhelmed if you let the news of the day discourage you and frighten you and bring you down.

Your ancestors didn’t know as much about what was happening in the rest of the world as you do now.  They were concerned with their own space and their own problems.  We, however, have become a global society, and what effects one group, effects us all.

We have also become a lot more aware of the problems, and that is actually a sign of spiritual growth.  Our awareness means we are ready to do something positive to help.  So you have a choice before you.  Are you going to add more fear, more worry, more judgement, more criticism and more anger to the world?  If you do Mother Earth will feel it and respond with more volatile weather conditions and more frightened, angry and fighting people.  The anger and fear that goes out from you is potent and powerful.  It is felt by others.

Or you have option two – become part of the solution.  Send compassion and love to those suffering.  Send clarity and grace to those instigating.  Find a place of peace within yourself and send that peace out into the world.  Understand that you have many options to keep the negativity that is in the world from impacting you and those you love.

Ask God to put you in a circle of Divine protection.  Fill that circle with violet transforming and transmuting energy.  Intend that only good come to you, and any negative energy that comes your way be changed to neutral energy that you can decide how to use.  Do you want more joy, more financial abundance, greater health, better relationships, more security?  Whatever you want to create here is up to you.  Take the negativity, change it by your command and then use it.  Trust that it is done and move forward with truth and faith and the belief that what you have intended has been created, and now just needs your cooperation and a little time to be seen in your daily life.

It may seem strange that I advised you to command the energy, but that is one of the powers human beings have that has been hidden from mass consciousness view.  Only recently, with all these upsurges in energy coming to us from throughout the Universe, have we become aware of how powerful our anger or our love really are. Just as man was made caretaker of the earth, we are also caretakers of the energy of the earth.

What are you going to do with your power today?  Cause more pain, or start the healing process?  It’s up to you.

Blessings, Elaine

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