are you the problem or the solution

Are you the Problem or the Solution?

Most people know that our government is corrupt on many levels.  Most people know that our drug companies benefit from keeping us sick.  Most people know that our education system is flawed. Most people don’t know what to do about it, and so they become complacent.   Some people speak out, and some people are working hard to change the status quo.

Today’s message is simple but profound.  If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.  Complacency got us where we are today.  THEY did it – but WE let them.

So, as of right now, are you the problem or the solution?

The solution for you is very simple.  You must start to care.
Once you start to care, you must forgive yourself for not caring sooner.
Once you forgive yourself, you must start to become educated.
Once you educate yourself, you must not be overwhelmed by what has gone on before.
Once you are at peace with what has gone on before, you must discover that there is a greater purpose to this existance.
Once you discover the greater purpose you will realize that everyone has been playing a part.
Once you understand that everyone has been playing a part, you must come to compassion.
One you find a peaceful and compassionate place within yourself, you must open up to love.
Once you can love, you can direct it with an open heart and open eyes to all concerned.
Once you embody love for all, you will be part of the solution.
Once you are part of the solution you will see something constructive to do to help.
Once you do it, our world will heal.

Have a blessed day.
Love, Elaine

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