Ascension of Consciousness

Ascension of Consciousness

May 10, 2011 –

How Are You Doing?

Has anyone upset, annoyed, or disturbed you lately?  The chances for that are pretty good since this is still 3rd dimensional earth.  What did you do in response to them?  Did you get upset, annoyed or distubed right back at them?  Once again I’d like to remind you that your life is about you – not them.  I know you will have emotional reactions to people, that’s understandable, but how you proceed from there is completely up to you.  You can allow your emotions to take over, or you can insist that your mind and your heart take over.

Spiritual awaking and ascension of consciousness and living in the new world that is forming has some requirements – and some challenges – and some work.  You can’t be the same old you and expect to live in a brand new place.  Maybe you don’t want to change.  Maybe you like living in the world as it is now.  Maybe you are pretty happy with yourself and your moods and your emotional reactions to things.  That’s fine.  That is many people’s reality.  Ascension is a gift and an opportunity, but is definitely not mandatory.

The ascension path is paved with love, compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness.  If that’s the direction you want to walk in then your vibration must match the path.

It’s quite possible that there will be a time coming shorty where the 3rd and 4th dimensions overlap and you will be sharing the world with people who have vastly different goals than you do.  Your goal may be cooperation, acceptance, sharing and peace.  Theirs  may be more self-serving and materialistic.  They may still be in fear about a great many things, and therefore they hold onto things quite tightly so that no one will take them away.  They may thrive on drama and keep creating it.  They may still like experiencing the duality of earth and just are not done yet.

If you’re done with that, though, and ready to move on to the next level of human development, I assure you the rewards will far outweigh the work.  We will be accepted, loved, validated and assisted in the new energy.  We will be healthy, happy and abundant in the new energy.  We will have opportunities to be all we can be in the new energy.

And that takes us back to the initial question.  Has anyone upset, annoyed, or disturbed you lately?  Have you felt peace return to your heart as you dealt with that upsetting energy in a positive way?  If so, then good for you.  See you in the new world.

Blessings and love, Elaine

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