asking for what we want

Asking For What We Want

It’s almost Christmas time.  Parents are scrambling to find those gifts on their children’s wish lists.  It is the desire of every loving parent to make their kids happy at Christmas time.  There is really no difference with our Heavenly parents.  They want us to be that happy with the gifts they send.

I have never had a problem asking for the big stuff.    Please God, send health and happiness and abundance and creativity and protection and wonderful relationships and fulfilling joyful lives to everyone I love, and to me too.

It’s the little stuff that gets more complicated.  I have long taught and believed that you should not be too specific in your requests to Spirit, so that you don’t cut yourself off from your greater good.  If you want freedom and adventure and independence, and you ask God for a car, believing that is the way to get the things you want, you may get the car and be terribly disappointed. All it brought you was something new to take care of, and the freedom and independence were still elusive.

I still know that is a valuable truth, not to be too specific.  It’s worthy of always paying attention to.  I know it works best to manifest ‘feelings’ more than ‘things’, in most cases.  However, there is another whole area to consider and that is that God and the angels don’t know what we want, if we don’t tell them.  Sometimes we have to get very specific.

If you are absolutely craving a hot fudge sundae, don’t ask God for satisfaction and something sweet.  You had better ask for the hot fudge sundae.  One day this week I was looking in my sock drawer, and really, really wanted a couple pair of new blue socks.  I didn’t exactly send it up as a request but I did send it up as a definite desire.  I want new blue socks.  I attached no conditions.  I had no expectations.  I wasn’t really expecting anything.  I just knew what I wanted and I told it to whoever was listening.

Later that day I was out shopping for groceries and at the checkout there were a whole bunch of socks on sale for 99 cents a pair.  I didn’t even realize it until I heard other people talking about the great deal on great socks.  I looked and there were 2 blue pair left – exactly what I said I wanted.  I know enough now to say in that moment, ‘thank you God, for even caring that I have socks I like.” And I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if I had said “I need at least a half dozen pair of new blue socks” – instead of what I did say – “I need a couple pair of new blue socks”.

Our lives can be filled with wonderful joyful moments like that.  We can have a chance meeting with an old friend.  We can receive an invitation to someplace we really wanted to go.  God really wants us to have our hearts desires, and we need to let him know what those are.  That being said, our good will always come to us on the energetic vibration of a close loving relationship with our Creator.  Be a gracious, trusting, thankful receiver and this can be your best Christmas ever.

Many blessings,

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