Astrological Update – Super Moon

Astrological Update -Super Moon –

On November 14, 2016 we will be experiencing what is being called a supermoon.  The following came from CBS News: —
“Sure, we’ve seen supermoons before — this will be the second in a series of three this fall. But the full moon that peaks on Monday, November 14 will be closer to Earth than any other since 1948. The full moon won’t come this close again until 2034.

The scientific term “perigee moon” refers to when the moon is at its closest point to Earth in its orbit. When a perigee moon coincides with the full moon, the extra-large, brightly lit moon is known as a supermoon.

NASA says this month’s supermoon will appear 30 percent brighter and 14 percent larger than a typical full moon.” –

Times like these are always energetically very potent.   This astrological event supersedes many other events that have just past or will appear at a later time. The moon symbolizes yin, Mother Earth, the Divine Feminine, the great intuitive energy that people carry, and the great potential for new birth.  There will be an energy shift where many positive events are possible.

What will you give birth to in your life?  What will you empower using the energy of this moon?  What group will you align yourself with for maximum benefit?  Create your greatest possible future going forward, and then picture yourself already there.  Use this moon as the gateway that it is to reach the highest and best life you can envision for yourself and your family and your world.

At this time I choose to energetically, and whenever it is possible in my physical reality, to join with kind, loving, generous people.  I want to be with people, and communicate with people,  who desire to put aside all the turmoil of the past and move forward  together to create the world of our dreams.

I dream a life – and a world – of equality, fairness, justice, kindness, understanding, creativity, abundance, forgiveness, prayerfulness, empathy, self-control, self-confidence, encouragement, strength, health, satisfaction, peace, joy,  and all enveloping love.

The moon has always been dreamtime.  Dream big and beautiful this time.  We can watch our dreams come true.

Many blessings,

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