awakening the energy body

Awakening the Energy Body

The part of you that you are probably most aware of is your physical expression.  That is only one part of who you are, however.  Your electromagnetic vibrational body is the blueprint that your physical body takes its orders from.  This energy body is the real complete you.

This energy body of yours also shows up in your emotional vibrations, your mental vibrations and your spiritual vibrations.   Your energy body is the thing that is being affected by the current earth changes.  At some time in the far distant future the physical human attributes will be affected a lot more than they are now.  No one knows for sure how long that will take, but what we do know for sure is that the energy body is being affected right now.  It is showing up in the  emotional, mental and spiritual vibrations right now.

Higher vibrations bombarding the planet are hitting  your energy bodies.  You could be feeling this as either excitement or stress.  You might have a desire for the new or a fear of losing the old.  You may experience heightened sensations of time speeding up or time slowing down.  You can see that this is different for everyone.

The physical body, while still looking the same, may be feeling the changes too.  You may be sleeping more, or sleeping less.  You may desire to change your diet,  or unhappy that you can’t eat the same things you used to eat with the same results.  You may have a lot of aches and pains to show you which parts of yourself needs attention.

Ascension is happening.  You are awakening the energy body. The energy field of the earth is changing and so therefore the energy field of the human is changing.  Since humans have been dense and heavy and trapped in fear and negativity for eons of time, it’s safe to celebrate this ascension journey.  Its all about becoming lighter and freer, happier and healthier, safer and more joyful.  Feeling the changes along the way, though, is inevitable.  As your body, mind, emotions and beliefs change, may you stay in trust.  The results are going to be wonderful.

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