Awareness Revolution

Awareness Revolution

The other day I read something that talked about these current times as an Awareness Revolution – sort of the 1960’s revisited – without the drugs.  For those who grew up in that era, we were all about finding ourselves – expressing our own individuality – loving and caring and sharing with each other – and putting principles about materialism.   Of course this wonderful movement, which was all about love, was hijacked from its inception.  The powers that were prevelant at that time wanted control and what better way to control a large, young, energetic population who doesn’t want to conform to the status quo, than by drugging them up and having them tune out.  And that’s exactly what happened.

Now here we are – 50 years later.   We’re doing it again, but this time with more maturity.  This time we’re doing it clear headed and drawing upon the help of the unseen realms.  It’s time again.  Go express your individuality.   Set out on the path to find yourself.  Keep loving and caring and sharing.  Put your principles in a prominent place and put your materialism away.  Most of us already have more than we need.  And if we are aware of someone who doesn’t, then let’s share from our abundance.

The Awareness Revolution carries no weapons except the truth, and takes from no one, except to withdraw support from those who would own us.

It’s time for freedom.  Time for love.  Time for self-expression.  Time for joy.  Claim it, and it’s yours.

Namaste, Elaine


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