Be Good to Yourself

Be Good to Yourself –

We are living in an amazing time on an ascending world. The planet herself started off as a 5th dimensional being, pristine in every way. She offered mankind everything they needed out of love. Her water and air were pure. Her crops were abundant and healthy. Over eons of time mankind selfishly took and took. The earth kept taking on their negativity and tried to help them clear it. The earth dropped in frequency to a 3rd dimensional band and is now seriously sick and depleted herself. She can’t take our negativity anymore. There is only one way for her to heal and ascend to the 5th dimensional level of pure love again, and that is to throw off all the negativity that has been heaped on her. She has to be good to herself now or she will not survive. She has to send all heaviness and darkness to the surface to be cleared and cleansed. We are living in the time of cleansing. Erratic weather patterns, toxic food supplies and poor air to breathe are the norm. She needs our help. Nevertheless, with our help or without our help, she is going to heal herself. How long we will be allowed to continue the journey with her remains to be seen.

Right now, though, we have to learn from her. We are also seriously sick and depleted. We need to allow all the negativity within us to rise to the surface to be released and cleansed. Even though we may have demanding jobs and people who count on us, we must be healthy to do those jobs well, and healthy to care for the people adequately. It can be very hard to make time for it all, but to survive and thrive you need to be good to yourself like never before. This is not selfishness. It is the opposite of selfishness. It is honesty at its core. The only way for everything and everyone to survive is to focus on the epicenter. The center of your world is you. You have tools. Make healthier choices. Eliminate as many toxins from your diet and your surroundings as possible. Release all negative emotions into the violet energy field which is a gift from God. Your angels are standing by to help with everything they have.

Give them your doubts and fears. Give them your pain, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Give it to them to carry back to God for ultimate healing. Bring as much joy and laughter into your life as you can. Work outward from your center to the others you love and care for. Encourage them to do the same from the center of their world.

This planet will survive. She is committed to her survival and her ascension. The only thing yet to be determined is how many of us can heal enough to go with her. There will be many souls who can’t clear enough. Those who oppress their fellow man – those who have evil intent – those who are truly selfish in the worst kind of way may not learn their lessons in time. That is on them. We can’t change them. We can only change ourselves. Be good to yourself – please! I want to celebrate with you in the new world that lies ahead of us.

Many blessings,

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