be responsible for your own happiness

Be Responsible For Your Own Happiness

A few words about personal freedom –

Happy New Year.  Happy new energy.  Happy new attitudes and opportunities.  As we enter through the gateway (11) of this new year, many of us have deliberately left behind those things that no longer serve us, or are not our responsibility.  Some people still want to know, though, what to do about adult friends and family members who don’t seem to be on the right path

Most of us have had only rare occurrences where we needed to call 911, child protective services, or some intervention agency to save someone from something.  Usually our attempts at helping others improve their lives was more subtle.  We talked to them, shared literature with them, invited them to uplifting places, guided them to healthy things, and were generous with advice.

Sometimes we even argued with them.  How could we not do these things?  We cared about them.  Indeed, that was completely appropriate – for the old energy.

2011, however, is new energy.  The solar eclipse today solidifies that energy even more.  We have joyfully been released from our old ways of helping.  It may bring you some peace to know that everyone has access to uplifting information, should they choose to pay attention to it.  Everyone has a direct connection to God and all the angelic help they will ever require.  Everyone also has the gift of free will and the right to grow at their own rate and in their own way – and they will, eventually.   When they are done exploring the polarity of the third dimension they will rejoin you in the higher realms of experience.  It’s just a matter of time.

We can trust that God has everything and everyone well in hand and we can now retire from a job well done.

It is time, in this new energy, to just be our new authentic loving selves.  We will still share information with those who are interested, but if they are not interested then all we need to do is be good examples.  It is as simple as this:  if they don’t want to hear, then let them see —– if they don’t want to look, then let them be.

May you relax in the knowledge that you are not responsible for the path that others choose to walk.  May you enjoy your new freedom to just be you. Be responsible for your own happiness and let others be responsible for theirs.

Many blessings, Elaine

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