Becoming Aware

Becoming Aware

I am only sharing the following truths for one reason – to empower you. If we live our lives with our heads in the sand, unaware of what is going on around us, we will never do anything to fix it. And fix it we can – if we stand together and face the truth head-on.

In case you are unaware most of the food that most Americans eat is toxic and getting worse. Genetically modified crops – soy, wheat, corn – are slowly killing us. Our government keeps granting more rights to Monsanto – the largest insecticide producer – who incidentally is also one of our largest food producers – to keep using stronger and stronger poisons to combat stronger and stronger contaminates.

In case you are unaware, some of the most devastating diseases of our time were created in the laboratory. Chemical and biological warfare is a reality of today’s life.
Ebola is one case to look at. There has been a deliberate attempt to create fear and panic from a disease that has been around for a long time. Fearful people give away their power and unwittingly attract what they fear the most.

In case you did not know, weather has been manipulated by the powers that be for some time and has caused some of the major devastations of the last few decades.

Most governments of the world are manipulated by people higher up with money and power whose influence supercedes boundaries between countries. In case you did not know, most of the wars we have ever had, have been engineered at some level by this worldwide collective group who benefits and profits from war.

‘They’ may appear to be in charge but ‘they’ can never: Control your thoughts, or your words, or your beliefs, or your actions, or your desires, or your prayers, or what you put in your mouth, or what you purchase for your home, or what activities you choose to partake in, or how much power you choose to give ‘them’.

‘We the people’ are allowing the foxes to dictate the policies for the hen house. So what can you do, as just one person to change the status quo? You can change you. You can do one thing every day that makes a difference. You can change your shopping habits, or sign some petitions, but mostly you can become aware and stand in your truth and your love and your power, and not in your fear of ‘them’. ‘They’ don’t live well in the light. So send them light. And then send more – and then more after that. Let’s remember Jesus words “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do” – and then let’s look at them as children having a tantrum, and commit to containing them and not letting them hurt themselves or anyone else anymore.

“They” have thrived because most people were unaware. Let’s change that today.

Blessings, Elaine


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