Being A Good Listener

Being A Good Listener

Being A Good Listener –

If you are like most people you have a lot of beliefs, opinions, feelings and attitudes about just about everything. Sometimes you may be confused and have a hard time making choices, but generally whenever something happens you know how you feel about it. Most people are also very willing to share what they believe, unless they feel outnumbered in their beliefs in which case they either stay silent or become outspoken, which can invite the judgement of the crowd against them.

Speaking, or silently being afraid to speak, seems to carry far greater significance than listening for many people. There seems to be a great imbalance here.

Once of the meditation groups I attend spends a lot of time on basics. One of those is the basic skill of listening to others. Have you ever practiced that for any length of time? Just listening to what someone else has to say without judgement, or criticism, or forming your own opinions in your mind? If you haven’t, you may want to consider doing it just for the experience of it – just to add some balance in your life.

Every coin has 2 sides. Every issue has 2 sides. Right now our country is deeply divided like never before in history. We have become a nation of great talkers and terrible listeners. Many families are also divided and many people even feel this division within their own being.

Are you a good listener? Do you really pay attention to those who have opposing views from yours and try to understand why they might feel the way they do? When it’s time to share your viewpoint do you speak from your heart about why you personally feel the way you do? It would appear that our only hope in ever coming together as a nation is to start with some mutual respect and courtesy and listening. I plan to try to do my part in that and try to become a better listener. Maybe if we all did that, things would at least have a chance to get better.

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