being at peace with yourself

Being at Peace With Yourself


You’ve heard the word.  You’ve heard about it here.  You’ve heard about it many places and in many ways.  Do you understand it yet?  Can you grasp what it will mean when you and everyone around you can ‘suddenly’  (after many long years of personal work) be at peace with themselves?

The ascension is a lifting up of consciousness.  It is a very individual experience. People of all walks of life experiencing the same thing: Being at peace with yourself.  When you can be at peace in a room where everyone else in the room has found their own personal peace as well, you will be in unity consciousness.  When you can be feeling your own loving heart center, and you find yourself in the company of others who have discovered their own loving heart center, you will be in unity consciousness.  When you can understand your own personal connection to God, and you walk in the world, sharing the street with others who understand their own personal connection to God – then you will be in unity consciousness.

Will we all think alike?  No.  Will we all want the same things?  No.  Will the different things we want and the different things we like all be beautiful and uplifting?  Yes.

Can you sit here and wait for a wave of ascension to overtake you?  No.  Even though there will be a time when the energies support this experience, it still requires a change of attitude and a shift of perspective from the ego self to the higher self.

There are two ways to view this information.  One is to be saddened that you can’t just sit and wait for this to happen to you.  Another is to become empowered – and to realize that no one and nothing can hold you back from experiencing the greatest joy you have ever known.

As it has been from the beginning – our lives are ours to experience, create, and change at will.  May your continuing experience be up, up and away to a greater day.

Blessings, Elaine


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