Being Here Now vs. Multi-Tasking

Being Here Now vs. Multi-Tasking –

We all know what it means to multi-task.  Juggling the numerous demands of our current lifestyle has become an inevitable way of life for many.  Some have taken it to an art form and have a huge sense of pride in their ability to divide energy and send it out in all directions at once. Trying to do everything at once has perhaps been a necessary step on our evolutionary path, but it is not our final destination.  It has shown us how versatile and creative we are, but it has taken a toll on our physical and emotional health.

There is a next step – and that is focused concentration on what is right in front of you.   It asks you to give your complete attention to what you are doing right now.  It requires you to be here physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in the now moment in time.   In spite of the many things we need to do each day, we can learn to concentrate on one at a time and give that one thing a much greater percentage of our energy.  Learning to be present in the moment is essential as we evolve into a place where time is fluid, where the past can’t claim us, and where our futures are being created right now.

If you are having trouble being in the now moment, you may just be carrying too heavy a load.  You may be able to learn to delete some tasks from your lives.  Just because you have always done something, or are capable of doing something, doesn’t mean you should.  With billions of people sharing this planet and experiencing for God,  you were not created to do it all.  You are only required to do your part.  Sometimes it just takes a simple reminder to yourself to pay attention to what you are doing.

Is it time for a major overhaul of your to-do list?  Have you included plenty of time in each day to just be?   Now that we’ve learned to do it all, let’s learn to let some of it go.  Let’s experience the true gift of peace that comes from being here now.

Blessings, Elaine

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