being part of the collective consciousness

Being part of the Collective Consciousness

Many times in the past, things came from out of the blue and hit us unaware.  We went to work happy, got called in to see the boss, and discovered our job was over.  We felt fine one minute and within hours we were sick with the flu.  We got a phone call, and the news changed everything.  This has happened to everyone at one time or another, and it left us feeling betrayed, particularly if we believed in a God or Higher Power and tried to connect to the best of our ability.  We often went straight to that same God and said, why didn’t you warn me?  Or, why didn’t you keep me away from that person who was sick?

The answer is simple.   We were not ready for the truth.  We would have gone into fear.  Whatever energy wave was coming toward us would have hit us even harder because we would have used up precious energy in worry and anxiety and dread.  Or, we were not willing to move.  That would have taken a leap of faith we hadn’t attained yet.

It is still happening today for many people.  The weather man predicts a storm and some people still panic at the thought.  There are others, though, who view that news as an opportunity to prepare with thoughtfulness and calmness.  This is the shift that we are right in the middle of.

There have always been psychics who told people of something difficult up ahead, and most of the psychics reminded their clients that the news was for their empowerment.  If we didn’t like what was up ahead we had the power to make different decisions or walk a different path.  Some people understood that – some people still went into fear.

The most important thing to remember is that times are changing, energy is changing, vibrations are changing and we are changing. More and more of us are ready for the truth because more and more of us are beginning to claim our power.  This has been a tough winter – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually challenging, to say the least.  Since weather usually comes in cycles it is highly probable that we will have more bad weather at some point in our future.

Are we just doomed to more misery?  Absolutely not.  We are learning about our power, individually and collectively.  In just the past several years there were several strong storms predicted – one was a tsunami that was supposed to hit Hawaii.  Light workers gathered together in groups and mostly via the internet, and sent peace and calm and re-direction.  The result?  Nothing happened in Hawaii. The predicted dangerous tsunami never came.  Lightworkers have gathered in force to bring peace to warring countries, and for the 24 or 48 hours that they put real effort into this, the number of people being hurt dropped substantially.

This is not something that everyone is going to understand and become a part of overnight, but it only takes one person at a time being part of the collective consciousness to eventually make a big difference.  Will you be that person?  If you hear of something difficult up ahead will you send out thoughts and prayers for the highest and best outcome for all concerned?  Will you trust in your power to create a different set of circumstances to occur?

Will you listen to that intuitive inner voice that says you should slow down when you want to rush?  When enough of us do, our individual lives will get easier. When enough of us do, the collective will get stronger.   And we are getting closer every day.   Please claim your power to change energy.   The energy we send out is the energy we get back.

As we become more competent at this, we may be hearing of more disasters on their way.  That will only be a call to action.  That will only be an opportunity to put forth a different outcome. Together we can do this, and do it well.  All it takes is for you to claim your power.  Please think about this.  It’s going to happen. We will be given opportunities to exercise our power to change things.  And together we can.

Blessings, Elaine

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