being the change you want to see

Being the Change You Want To See

This week New York Governor Cuomo told the citizens that ‘unless residents become agents for change, special interests will continue to dictate the agenda.’  He said “You know why it hasn’t changed for 20 years?  Because you haven’t insisted on it”.

How would you respond to that?  We’ve seen people ranting and raving and picketing and harming others.  We’ve seen citizens fight with each other over the ‘right’ way to do things, and the right people to elect.  ‘We the people’ are hardly on the same page about what we want and what solutions will look like.  I am in total agreement with the Governor – the people need to insist on change.

What will that look like, though?  How do we do that?  Where does it even start?

Perhaps we need to start by demanding that our elected officials speak respectfully to each other and about each other, or we will stop listening to any of them.  Perhaps we need to insist that democrats and republications mix it up in their legislative chambers and sit next to each other.  Perhaps we need to install a buddy system like we had in kindergarten.  One democrat and one republican must get together with one issue and come up with one solution or they don’t get to go home.

Our politicians are of course, however, just mirroring us.  We need to speak respectfully to each other and about each other.  We need to honor people of differing viewpoints.  We need to stop ranting about the problems and come up with solutions before we get to go home at night.  How would you fix our problems if you had the chance?  That question is worth some thought.  And if you are fortunate enough to come up with an equitable solution, do you know what you have to do with it?  Try to put it to use in your own life first.  Being the change you want to see is the answer. I hope you will, for all our sakes.

Blessings, Elaine

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