Being The Love

March 22, 2011 –
Being the Love –

There was a time in your life when it was completely appropriate to love some people, and not love other people.  That seemed to make sense.  After all, how can you love someone who does despicable things and causes hurt and harm?  It’s really hard to love someone like that – as long as your focus is on THEM.

But what if you have made the shift?  What if you finally realize that YOUR life is about YOU, not THEM.  What if you have awakened to the understanding that loving is not something you can choose to do or not do, but loving is either what you are, or what you are not?  I know it’s tough to make that shift, and even after it’s made it may not be who you see yourself to be at all times.

Do you see the beauty of the new way of being, though?  It doesn’t matter what people do, or don’t do.  It doesn’t matter if they love you back or not.   It just stops being about them, period.  You can reach the wonderful joyous place of just being – of just being love.  Then it doesn’t matter who or what is placed in front of you.  You will continue to be love.   You will continue to be happy. 

If you come in contact with someone else who knows themselves to be love, then there is a beautiful exchange of energy that takes place.   If you come in contact with someone who is still choosing to love, or not love, you will not feel an exchange.  However, you will still be love.  You will still be good.  You will still be ok. 

Today I’ve given you a glimpse into a future that is rapidly becoming ‘now’ for many people. You will know them by their peace.  You will know them by their positive outlook on life.  You will know them by their giving nature.  You will know them by their joy.  And they will know themselves, to be love. 

Blessings and more,  Elaine

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