believe and receive

Believe and Receive

Holding the Vision

Lately I have been finding myself doing a lot of observing of the world around me.  The observations seem to be taking the form of evaluations.  I know that in our future, due to the consciousness shift we are going through, we will be living in virtually a different world. I seem to be seeing the new world as though it already exists somewhere – which it actually does.  Everything in the physical had to be born first in the etheric.

And so when I see people arguing and fighting, I just feel grateful that in my new world we don’t do that anymore.  When I see pain, I am just so glad that no one hurts anymore.  When I see negative drama I feel so much love for the peace that is here now.

I am seeing and feeling the wonder of the new world that is being born right now.  It’s already real for me – and can be real for anyone who has chosen the path to ascension.

Some people have always said “I’ll believe it when I see it”.  The truth is – it will manifest when we believe it.  I hope you can believe in it – and then see it too. It’s a simple matter of Believe and Receive.

One thing you can do to help it along is to focus on the Olympics which are going on right now.  At this moment there are hundreds of countries who have come together in peace;  united in a common goal.  If you can celebrate this unity in the next three weeks – if you can send love and encouragement to all the participants, whether they win medals or not – if you can look at the blessings and say to God, ‘thank you, more please’, it will manifest in our reality.   The world really can come together in love on the physical plane.  It has already happened on the spiritual plane.  All it takes to settle here is a certain percentage of us – holding our vision –  believing in it – and we don’t have long to wait.  Believe and Receive. This is the year of the shift.   So be it and so it is.

Blessings, Elaine

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