Believing In Miracles

Believing in Miracles –

What is a miracle? Something beyond your comprehension and ability? Something that defies the known laws of physics and science? Something that you could not have done on your own? Is it a healing that occurs after that doctors have given up all hope? Is it money that arrives unexpectedly when you need it the most? Is it a person turning up at just the right time with just the right words, to make a bad situation turn around completely?

Who is the recipient of miracles? Only the chosen few that God has blessed?

I would tell you today that miracles are for you – and they are for now – and they are real.

In the Bible there is a story about the walls of Jericho falling after soldiers marched around and around them in a specific way for a specific length of time, and then shouted. It was termed a miracle – a divine intervention by God. With our current day understanding, the soldiers followed God’s instructions and created vibrations that moved matter. Our doctors do that now by sending sound waves to break up your kidney stones. Is that a miracle? I would say it is. It is also completely understandable now that we know the power of vibration and frequency on the cells of our bodies.

Many miracles are natural occurrences that we just don’t understand yet. Is God involved? Absolutely. God is the Divine Creative Force that governs everything. But miracles do not happen without human cooperation. On some level you are open to the miracles in your life. You have asked for them, and know how to receive them.

Humans may think they are just observers of their lives, but that is not true. We are the principal players in our lives, attracting or repeling energy in every moment.

If you believe yourself worthy of a miracle then you are. If you trust that the perfect outcome will manifest, since you have decreed it, then it will. People are starting to believe in the reality of the unseen realms that surround us all the time. The more they believe and trust, the more those things become evident. Therefore what we term ‘miracle’ is just a truth we have not yet uncovered, and we have many truths still to be found.

As we lighten up, and ascend in consciousness and expand our limited thinking, todays miracles will become commonplace. The beauty is that we will be expanding forever, until that time we reunite with Source, and then beyond that. So new miracles will constantly amaze and astound us.

Is it safe to believe in them, expect them, and declare them? You bet. I wouldn’t want to live any other way.
Blessings, Elaine

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