Benefits of Human Evolution

Benefits of Human Evolution

Benefits of Human Evolution –

As we continue to evolve spiritually we continue to discover the benefits that are now ours to claim.  Most people want their children and grandchildren to have a better life than they lived, in a better world.  I’m not sure at this point that we are leaving them a better world, but this battle is not over yet.  What I am sure of is that we can leave them with a lot of other benefits.

We may have fought a battle with self worth, but we can instill in them deep self worth.  We may have fought a battle with fear, but now we are better equipped to help them recognize and transmute their own fears.  One big area that is a benefit of human evolution is the concept of no pain/no gain.

I’m sure we can all look back on our lives – the joyful and the painful parts – and realize that all those experiences made us what we are today.  If you are on a path of spiritual evolution, then what you are today is pretty wonderful.  A beautiful gift we can give our children and grandchildren in a whole new paradigm.

Those we love don’t need to experience a broken leg to know it hurts, takes a long time to heal, and may require a lot of money and therapy.  They can learn from the broken legs of others.  It’s the same with the no pain/no gain philosophy.  We have the capability, due to our enlightened status, to establish a new base for them.

What if we created a scenario where the end result could be achieved not through pain, but through joy?  Wouldn’t you want that for them?  Wouldn’t you rather have them receive the knowledge and the understanding and the compassion and the gratitude in another way?   Well that way exists.  You earned it for them.

This may be a new idea – new truth – new understanding for you, but whether you totally  buy into it right now is not important. Just entertain the idea.  Just invite the dream.  Find ways to show other people that you have found a way to enlightenment through joyful experiences and interesting friends and uplifting activities.  Find a way to have fun with your journey and you are strengthening the template for all those following you.

Many blessings,

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