Beyond the End of Life

Beyond the End of Life

Beyond the End of Life –

Last week I wrote about what the end of life is like.  That article is available at

I compared life on Earth to boarding school, and death as the start of summer vacation.  Today I’d like to talk a little bit more about the life review we all go through – that session we have with our advisor to plan what comes next.

Many people feel, and rightly so, that they are about to graduate.  Their time at school is ended and now they need to decide whether to go on to grad school, go into some profession, go into the family business, or take time off to travel and explore something new.  Many of us are actually discovering that we have already graduated from a school just like this one somewhere else and we are here as student teachers or even full professors.  That doesn’t make us better than our students, just older and hopefully wiser.

During our life review we will look at how well we did teaching and sharing, and how well we took advantage of the seminars that teachers are expected to take to remain constantly aware of the most comprehensive methods and new technologies.

If you are here in the capacity of a student teacher or professor, you have certain professional standards to maintain, so those will also be covered in your life review as well.  Spiritual growth is a constant no matter what plane of existence or level of density one lives in.  Students can always get better at what they do.  Teachers can always get better at what they do.

Just because your 5 year old will get better and older and wiser, doesn’t mean you don’t love her, accept her, and find joy in her today with her 5 year old capabilities.  That’s how God loves us – right where we are and how we are today.  You may face the end of life with some sadness and nostalgia because you remember the good times.  You  may face the end of life with relief because it’s been kind of tough down here.  Nevertheless, the joy of being Home again will quickly replace any of that, and you will always have your mental photos and memories.  The contributions you made, the friends you made and the things you learned will be yours forever.

Many blessings,

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