Birthday Candle

Once upon a time there was a little blue and white birthday candle.  It lived in a drawer with a lot of taller taper candles and a few pillar candles.   Every now and then the drawer would open and a candle would get selected.  Whenever the little candle was chosen it was usually a nice outing.  It  got to burn brightly on the top of a cake and there was singing and applauding and occasionally balloons were heard popping.  Sometimes it was selected for a little ceremony of some kind, and that made the candle feel really special.  Once it was the first one chosen in a power failure and it got to light the way until some of the bigger candles were located.  Not a bad life for a little candle.  It had fun, it felt useful and it had a lot of gratitude because its owner was not wasteful and it was re-used many times.

But along with the good times there were the feelings of insignificance when compared to the other candles in the drawer.  There was the fear that life would be short because sooner or later – actually sooner – its wax would be used up.  There was a certain knowledge that energy was never lost.  Energy merely changed form.  That hardly brought the little candle much comfort.  Actually it brought the little candle no comfort.  Its  small little life would end in the garbage some day and that’s all there was to it.

And yes, that day arrived.  It was determined that the candle was just too short to be lit even one more time and it was carried away.  To its great surprise the Great Being that carried it, walked right past the garbage can and moved to the stove.  The Great Being then put the little short candle into a shiny container and it was surrounded by others of its kind.  The candle had experienced  joy, gratitude, jealously, fear and many other things in its short life, but this was the first time it ever experienced total bewilderment.

Just when the candle thought it was the end of everything, there was comfort and a sense of belonging and then wonderful beautiful warmth.  The warmth spread right through its little body and it fell asleep with a big smile on its little face.

When the candle awoke it felt wonderful – a little  strange and unfamiliar, but wonderful. It felt bigger and more powerful.  It felt like it was part of something grand and it had this strange sense that its life was finally beginning and this was what it had been waiting for forever.  Of course none of that made sense since the little candle wasn’t grand, was it?   At least it hadn’t been grand.   The little candle felt real friendship for the first time.  The sense of comfort and safety and belonging were back.  The candle felt the same – and yet the candle felt different.

The candle had never needed courage before, but found it now.  It  used this  courage to open eyes wide and look around.  The sight filled it with absolute amazement.  It was sitting on an exquisite mirrored tray so it could see itself,  and it had transformed into the biggest and most beautiful candle ever.   On top of  its  head were 3 wicks and they were burning brightly.

The Great Being was standing over this beautiful big candle talking.   The Great Being was saying “You will be with me for a long, long time and I really love you.  I am going to keep you out where everyone can enjoy your beauty and your light.”

The little candle wanted me to share this story with you today just in case you feel small and insignificant, and that things are about to end.  It  wants to assure you that it’s really only the beginning of a wonderful new adventure.

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