Birthday Celebrations

Birthday Celebrations

Birthday Celebrations –

Once every year we all have a day we celebrate because it’s the anniversary of the day of our birth.  Young people get excited by birthdays.  They want to be older.  Older people sometimes view birthdays with trepidation.  They aren’t all that excited to age. Some people celebrate extravagantly.  Some people look at it as just another day.  It often involves cake and gifts and things that either make us happy or disappoint us.  Nevertheless, we all have them.

What is often overlooked is the energetic significance of the day of your birth.  You came at a specific time for a specific purpose.  The alignment of the planets at the moment of birth imprinted you with an energetic stamp and influences some of your subtler and sometimes not so subtle attributes.  If you read your horoscope you can see that you may share some character traits with others born under your birth sign.

Exploring your birth sign attributes can be fun and enlightening. Never forget for a minute, though, that free will is paramount. You may have been born with tendencies toward caution, but decide to face life with fearless abandon in spite of that.

What is significant to understand is that every year, for a while, you exist in a very strong personal energetic potential.  The planets have certainly moved since the day you were born, but they have moved in a pattern.  That pattern holds personal significance for you.  I would hope that on your next birthday you would celebrate the energetic potential that exists for you at that time.  If you care to, think of it as a re-birth.  If you were fresh and new what would you do differently?  If the whole world was open before you, what would you want to experience?

Some may argue that they are too old to start over and don’t have the means to experience more, but I would ask you to look beyond your physical daily life and look within.  On your birthday your spirit is given the gift of new life.  I hope that gift makes you happy.   I have a friend that gave me a beautiful affirmation that we can all use and I want to share it with you.  It is this:   I intend to live my life in this world in a new way.   May each and every birthday celebration you have, open up that new and wonderful way to live for you.

Many Blessings,

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