Energy Cords

On June 11 during our meditation class we did a meditation on forgiveness in which we invited those people we had problems with – and were attached to by dark energetic cords – to stand in the light of God with us and receive healing.  This information later came through from AAMichael: ‘My beloved children Continue reading

Saving Mother Earth

Saving Mother Earth by Saving Ourselves

The following from ‘First the question: Does drilling or extraction of oil or natural gas cause earthquakes? Answer: YES. Second question: Why? Answer: With most actions, there are unintended consequences and drilling for oil may have dynamic consequences. Drilling for oil worldwide displaces billions of barrels of oil per day, as a result, it Continue reading

Oil in the Gulf

The news is starting to report that they are gaining control of this oil disaster.   This would not be happening without the assistance of millions of lightworkers worldwide.  Thank you to everyone who has participated with your prayers and positive affirmations – your gatherings in groups and your love for mother earth – your visualizations Continue reading