Ceremony and Ritual

September 10, 2013 – Ceremony and Ritual –

Have you ever considered how important ceremony and ritual are to the human experience?  We all participate.  There are things we all do daily, weekly, or for special occasion.  Whether it’s hugging your kids goodnight, attending church on Sunday morning, lighting candles, throwing a party, or always offering blessings in certain places or certain circumstance; the rituals of our lives are important.  We honor births and marriages and graduations and passings with ceremony.

This is necessary.  From an energetic point of view, a ceremony or ritual actually grounds deep emotion and gives it a physical place to manifest, or to be released or transmuted.  Sometimes it brings us closure.  Sometimes it opens a pathway to Spirit.  Ceremony can bring us closer – or it can help us separate.  It can bless people, or places, or circumstances and fill them with light.

There are as many ways to create ritual as there are people who participate in them.  The blessings that are born from ritual are incomprehensible.

I understand the importance of ritual and how it connects us all to something much greater.  I am always amazed and thrilled by the beauty of connecting with the Divine in this way. May those special moments of your life always be surrounded by the highest and best energies there are.  May you always be blessed by honoring those moments.

Namaste, Elaine

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