change will happen

Change Will Happen

Change – You Can Count On It

My corner gas station closed a few months ago for remodeling. I had to change my routine and go somewhere else for gas. This week they are having their grand reopening. I will probably change my routine again and go back. This is a simple thing, but if you also have to change your clothes because you spilled something, and change your plans because other people have changed theirs, and change your route to work because of an accident, and change your dental appointment because you lost a filling this morning, and change your diet because you realize that one of your favorite foods is making you sick, and change your residence because your lease is up and your landlord won’t renew, and change your job because the company got sold – well, that can be stressful. That is also a normal day.

Has anything in your life changed recently? I’m sure it has. Change is an everyday fact of life. No matter what, change will happen. What really matters is how well you deal with it. Change can be scary, or exciting. It can mean doors closing, or doors opening. It can make you sad when you look at what you had and don’t want to give it up, or happy when you look at where you are going and you want to be there.

Even though change is the only real constant in your life, you can, and indeed have to be, the one constant within the change. Wherever you go and whatever you do, you take yourself with you. The other thing you can count on is your Spiritual Family – all those in Spirit who support you and love you – they go with you wherever you go.

No matter what changes are taking place, you will be fine if you can learn to be your own best friend. You will be safe and secure if you remember that your Guardian Angel is always by your side. You will always make the best decisions if you tune in to your Spiritual Guidance Team for clarity and strength.

Life can, and should be, an exciting adventure. Jobs, homes, activities, people, attitudes and opportunities will always be subject to change. You can be secure when you trust in the God of your understanding, and trust in yourself to keep that Divine connection strong.

My old/new gas station is offering a lot of free stuff today to welcome their customers back and I am changing my schedule to go to their party. Sometimes change can be fun.

Many Blessings and love throughout this Holy Season.

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