June 12, 2012 – Changes –

Do you remember when you got that phone call, or letter, or heard that story on TV and nothing was ever the same again?  New information will do that.  It can expand our world at the same time that it can shake our world.

It’s almost time to get ready for that moment.  The new information that will start to come out in the next several weeks or months will forever change everyone’s sense of reality.  We are getting ready for new leadership, a new monetary system, honesty in news reporting, new harmonious relationships and a return to a constitutional government.  You may not be aware, but we have not been living by the US Constitution for quite some time.  Many orders and add-ons were done illegally.  All that is soon to be rectified.

Most people don’t even know that this is happening.  That is because the news media has been tightly controlled by the few who had self-serving agendas.  We Americans have always trusted our nightly news.  That trust has been abused.  Hopefully, soon we will be able to trust again.  Our nightly newscasters have been kept in the dark, just as much as we have.  They will enjoy a return to real journalism and truth in reporting the happenings of the day.

The real story of America reclaiming her freedom can be found on the internet, in countless numbers of local organizations and in people’s hearts.  It’s out there if you search for it.  It’s soon to become common knowledge.

The old ways may be familiar, and therefore they provide a certain sense of false security, but it is time for them to go.   They don’t serve us or our highest good.

The new way of life will be beautiful, abundant and fair.  Most importantly the new way of life is God ordained at this time in our spiritual evolution as souls.  It will not fail.  Let’s do our part by demanding more from ourselves, our leaders and from life.  We’re all worth it.  The time for claiming life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is back again.  This time, with the help of God, let’s do it right.

Blessings, Elaine

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