Changing Priorities

Changing Priorities

We just completed a wonderful weekend at the Earth-Spirit Expo.  It is impossible to put into words the feelings that were generated when people of love and compassion, dedicated to caring and sharing, come together under one roof.  We spoke to so many people – and in that sharing there were a few common themes.

People are looking.  They are looking for answers.  They are looking for things that feed their souls.  In many of the readings I did, the energy of fire came up over and over again.  Fire energy challenges you to let go of what is not working, and embrace something new that does.  No one can do it all.  We keep trying to add on,  but just end up feeling overwhelmed.  Somewhere, sometime, something of a lower nature has to leave you to be replaced with something of a higher nature.   The letting go process is frightening for so many of your friends and neighbors – maybe for you too.  At least you know what you have, and it is manageable – sort of.

You also need to face the fact that changes in you affect everyone around you.  Sometimes your changes will delight them.  Often your change can upset them.  Their confidence comes from your predictability.  If you change, you rock their world a little bit.  We need to get strong enough, and care about ourselves enough to say,  ‘Oh well – I need to do this for me – it’s time.’

Change is always a process, but it has to start somewhere.  If you can’t start big, start small.  Your daily bath or shower can be used as a meditative time focused on emotional cleansing and rejuvenation  – or it can just be a quick clean up in-between activities.  You can choose to read an uplifting book or message instead of a mystery novel, and no one will care.   You could always choose to see a spiritual healer instead of going shopping or to a movie.  You can still be home in time for dinner.

The responsibility for our lives rests on no one but ourselves.  We are not trapped in our present circumstances under any conditions.  Change in this Universe is mandatory.  We did not come here to stagnate.  We came here to learn and to grow.  If you are not happy, you are probably not growing.

I am not only here to remind you of these things, I am here to help facilitate change. In any event, whether your intuitive guidance urges you to contact me, or to seek out some other path or other healers, please listen to your intuition.  You came here to grow, to learn, and to thrive.  I offer you my love and my blessings as you continue your search.

Namaste, Elaine

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